Mechanical Contractor Has Visions in Vancouver's Lower Mainland


We think it's time to get real, and the way we get real is to build an outstanding reputation in business and then prove it, and improve it. Infinity Mechanical Ltd is an ambitious company that sees itself as a frontrunner for mechanical projects in new construction. We want to be in the dirt and in the sky adding insight and innovation wherever we can. And we can.

A project is made more interesting when improvements are added anywhere in the process toward completion. We rely on innovative ideas and skilled people that contribute toward making a project a little bit better than it otherwise would be. It is how Infinity Mechanical Ltd becomes part of the project itself. We put ourselves into the building with head, heart and know-how.

It is our vision about where we are going as a company that provides the enthusiasm to meet the challenges as we stay focused on today as well as tomorrow. Because you are looking for a mechanical contractor that is spirited toward innovation, organization and efficiency we envision Infinity Mechanical Ltd as your foremost choice for a profitable mechanical contractor.

Go-to Mechanical Contractor

In every job site or workplace there is a go-to person that solves the majority of the tough problems. They have earned a sterling reputation because they have high standards built upon a dedication to be the best they can be.

As a business, Infinity Mechanical Ltd strives to be that go-to company that you want working on your projects. We see that building our reputation in the industry is part of the business itself that starts with working smarter and being more organized. It is a simple matter of proving that productivity is the practical application of brains and a healthy heart when you're doing what you love to do. You'll love what we do for you.

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