Business Values in Mechanical Contracting:
Vision and Innovation - Long Term Relationships

How Do You Measure Business Values?

Today's most popular sequence of internal priorities for a business fall in this order: finance, sales, production, management, legal and people. And yet, when you look externally at another company what you really want to know, more than anything else, is what the contractor holds up as their strongest values in working relationships.

For instance, when it comes to awarding a contract you may be focused on a contractor's ability to follow blueprints, adapt to changes and stay on schedule. But what you want to know is if they value beneficial long term relationships, and if they look for innovative ways to make improvements or cut costs. You could ask the questions and prompt an automatic response, but what you really want is to have this information volunteered. That is what this page is all about.

When Blueprints Have Errors

Computer programs like Auto Cad only do what they are told to do, redraw after redraw, and still sometimes you find electrical conduits running vertically beside drainpipe. Sometimes you see redundancy for pumps and valves that do not serve a practical purpose when one main feed line can eliminates costs in time & materials.

We all know that problems are usually human errors and seldom the fault of tools, supplies or equipment. The pencil didn't draw the blueprint and the computer program didn't catch the error. Just like running water lines, it takes a mind to see the errors, but it takes a critical mind to see them sooner.

Attitude Regarding Deficiencies

There was a story told about Rolls Royce where they sent their mechanic with a rear axle to a remote countryside in France to repair an owner's Silver Cloud. After a few months the owner contacted Rolls Royce and asked them about the bill for the axle repair, as it had not arrived. The answer came back from the automaker that "Axles do not break on a Rolls Royce."

This is the spirit and attitude with Infinity Mechanical Ltd when it comes to deficiencies. They are taken care of, if they come up, and there's no fuss about it.

Aptitude or Attitude

The thing that Infinity Mechanical offers to builders is the difference that delivers more aptitude and less attitude. You'll be pleased to know that you've got a mechanical contractor on site that has an aptitude for solving problems with a 'can do'attitude for making it happen.

Value on Safety

Along with putting a building together on time, safety is just as important. Having a job or task completed on time and on budget is all part of the safety program. The two objectives work together. At Infinity Mechanical Ltd we have an Occupational Health and Safety program implemented as well as other safe working practices that are to be followed at all times with no exceptions. At the end of the day we want all of our people and other trades to go home in good health and accident free.

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