Mechanical Contracting With A Focus On New Construction

The Uncommon Denominator

From blueprints to the chrome fixtures the most common denominator is the standards set by the industrial codes. As good as they are in most cases it is still the lowest point of expectations for everyone in the industry.

The Uncommon Denominator is something that goes beyond the codes. In its natural way it is a practical improvement if not an outright solution to a problem. Codes are great, but not every situation is happy with the standards when there are efficient and innovative alternatives along with cost cutting capabilities available by going beyond the standards.

It sounds unlikely and unintuitive, but in real life, with your hands on the tools the standards can hold you back. It's a matter of being able to think in context to the work involved and not be boxed in with standard expectations when they represent limitations to being efficient and productive.

In The Spirit of the Building

Anyone that has worked on a project knows that the project has a personality. Not much at first, but the personality builds right along with each floor going up. Do you think that's why floors are called stories?

On the building site every contractor ads to the spirit of the building. Perhaps the mechanical work is one of the most important of all when you consider that your mechanical contractor will be there early in the construction and also later in the finishing as one of the last trades to leave.

You choose your contractors carefully because you want to have a building with a positive spirit that is your legacy to the eventual occupants of the building. The Spirit does not end with the completion of the job. Instead, the Spirit carries on to the satisfaction of all those that live, work or run a business in the building after it has been completed.

What is our focus?

Infinity Mechanical Ltd has a focus on 3 principles:

  1. The principle builder we contract with
    A builder has a view of the bigger picture and needs our support to see it through to completion. We know it is not about us, and yet it is all about what we do.

  2. The principle of work ethics
    There is a whole group of issues in this one statement on work ethics. Included is the quality of workmanship that everyone expects, and then the on-site safety, ending up with the timely completion of milestone stages until the completion of the project itself. All of these issues are accomplished directly through organization, vision and attention to detail.

  3. The principle of profit
    In a natural sequence the profit will follow as third in line, and we will continue to be profitable when vision, support and work ethics come first. Profit is a direct result of the organization and attention to detail that Infinity Mechanical Ltd brings to every project.

It is not our intention to just make our words a comfort or a reassurance to builders. As Henry Ford once said, "You cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do."

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