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Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci

Infinity Mechanical Ltd knows that innovation is the key to ongoing success in new construction. In many cases it is the small changes that have the greatest benefit because they are simple and easy to implement. When you think back, in hindsight, and ask yourself… "Why didn't I see that before?", then you know what we mean by innovation and simplicity.

Infinity Mechanical Ltd knows that you can't afford to make mistakes when choosing a mechanical contractor for your major projects. You have awarded bids to more than a few contractors from time to time and you know which mechanical contractors you can trust. You may even have your favorite contractors that are the best of the best, and so we ask… are you ready to add a new best contractor to your core group of trusted mechanical contractors?

When you consider that your mechanical contractor is one of the first trades on the project and one of the last trades to leave the site then you know they have to be organized. They have to be able to vision the big picture and they have to pay attention to detail.

The Very Big and the Very Small

Instead of splitting a project into an overview and a detailed view you can have them combined into one view. You can call it binocular vision because of the depth of perception it provides, and it helps to spot trouble, or money saving methods, in the early stages of a project. Why wait until the project is well underway before anyone can see the trouble spots and the brilliant possibilities that were there from the start?

Usually it's a case of seeing the forest or seeing the trees, but what if you see both clearly?

Some companies are very good at seeing the big picture and they grasp your vision easily, but they struggle with details and miss small opportunities for big improvements. Other companies are reliable when it comes to perfection in detail and finishing, but they don't contribute greatly to your vision of the project. What do you do when your project needs both from one contractor?

Infinity Mechanical Ltd combines a keen eye for detail with a vision of greater scope. This helps you avoid potential discrepancies when the big and the small won't be coming together as first imagined. The best time of discovery is in the reading of the blueprints, not later when it becomes an obvious problem. When Infinity Mechanical Ltd provides you with an early warning of potential conflict we do so because we are seeing how the details fit, or don't fit, with your bigger vision.

Minimizing the Risk

A big part of minimizing the risks is to be able to do two things at once:

1. Keeping a running perspective on the milestone stages to be completed
2. Having a detailed eye for the work at hand

This is just another application of using binocular vision as it lets us create milestones as timely goals to achieve while keeping a focus on what is at hand. In real terms, on the job, it prevents a situation where work is stalled when something foreseeable was not given the proper attention at an earlier time.

This helps to explain the reputation Infinity Mechanical Ltd is building in this industry. It also supports a working moral when organization, tools and supplies keeps us moving forward with a real sense of accomplishment.

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